La Milagrosa Mixto (dry processed)

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La Milagrosa Mixto (dry processed)

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12 oz.

Strawberry, Pie Crust, Chocolate Mousse

Country: Panama
Region: District of Boquete, Province of Chiriqui
Producer: Hector "Tito" Vargas
Farm: La Milagrosa
Altitude: 1600 Meters
Cultivars: Typica, Catuai, Caturra
Production Method: Dry

Nestled into the Jaramillo highlands of Boquete, Panama, Finca La Milagrosa appreciates an incredible micro-climate and is direct neighbor to the famed Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee farms owned by the Peterson family.  In addition to traditional cultivars such as Typica, Catuai, and Caturra, Finca La Milagrosa produces Geisha. 

Portola Coffee Roasters has a very special relationship with the farmer Hector “Tito” Vargas.  Owner Jeff Duggan, met Tito while participating as a judge at the “Best of Panama” coffee competition in 2013. During their conversation, Jeff asked Tito if he could have a tour of his farm the following day.  Jeff was most impressed by the passion and perseverance that Tito demonstrated in his work.  Tito purchased his farm, which was a plot of land with only coffee shrubs (no processing facilities or equipment) at a time when the coffee market had crashed and farmers were losing their lands all over the world.  Everyone thought he was making a poor decision and couldn’t possibly succeed.  With very little capital but a lot of creativity, Tito hand built many of the needed farm tools and equipment out of scrap metal and old car parts.  To this day, several of those pieces of equipment are still in use.  He named his farm “La Milagrosa” (The Miracle) as a result of him beating the odds. 

For the last two years, Portola has purchased all the coffee produced by Tito at Finca La Milagrosa, which is approximately 16,000 pounds of the "Mixto" lot and 1500 lbs of Tito's Geisha.  The Geisha cultivar is unique with incomparable flavors.  It has wonderful fruit and floral characteristics that really set it apart from other selections we have tried.  

To help Tito get a better understanding of his quality potential, and how to replicate quality from year-to-year, Portola has engaged in a special project at Finca La Milagrosa.  In February 2017, Jeff conducted drying and fermentation experiments on the farm to help identify measurable quality points in the process.  Tito is very much a hands on, intuition-based farmer and our aim is to allow Tito to utilize science to predict quality through reliable measurements, enabling him to hit his mark year after year.