Kenya Karinga AB


Kenya Karinga AB

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TASTING NOTES - Black Currant, Melon, Lemon-Lime, Herbal

Farm Name - Karinga Coffee Factory 
County - Kiambu County Coffee - Central Province, Thika District in Ndarugu location of Gatundu division near Gatundu town at Kiambu county.
Varieties - Ruiru 11,SL 28,SL 34,Batian 
Flower season - March-April | September- October Harvest season May- June|November- December 
Annual Rainfall - 1,500mm 
Temperature - 13-24°C 
Altitude - 1,840m above sea level 
Soil - Red volcanic soils 
Processing Method- Wet

Karinga factory was established in 1983 and rests on a 5 acres piece of land serving Kimaruri, Kariungu, Gachuha and Mugalwa Villages.

Currently it is affiliated to Gitwe Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd .Its membership currently stands at 650 of which 500 are active farmers while 150 are inactive farmers. The most unique aspect of this factory is that it’s located within tea growing zones.

The factory lies about 1840m, accuracy of 10m, Location (00 56.876S, 036 49 727E). The soil is red volcanic. The area experiences high bimodal rainfall of about 1500mm p.a. with temperatures ranging between 13-24 degrees Celsius. The long rains fall between March-May while the short rains come between October and December.