Theorem is a 6-seat coffee concept bar that asks the question: “Is coffee a beverage or an ingredient?” By answering that question with an emphatic “YES”, we show customers that it is both. Theorem is one-of-a-kind and has been labeled as “ahead of its time.” It is the greatest potential for creativity and bending the perception of coffee in terms of what it can or cannot be. Coffee is far more complex than it gets credit for and deserves a spot on stage right next to wine, craft beer and fine spirits. The purpose of Theorem is to demonstrate the diversity of coffee, its utility, and its mystery. We will never cease experimenting and pushing the envelope in this intimate space and most importantly sharing it with our customers in an approachable and not pretentious manner.

Theorem is a walk-up bar where select baristas are given the creative freedom to develop personalized coffee menus that showcase amazingly creative coffee drinks. The drinks served on these menus vary as much as the baristas do, but have included cocktail-inspired drinks such as a Coffee Sour, an Old Fashioned prepared with slow drip cold-brewed coffee barrel aged in oak for six months, and a cold-brewed coffee sangria, to mention just a few. These barista-driven menus have also included beverages centered entirely on pressure profiling of espresso. We even had one menu called “trust,” where the customer simply described their ideal drink and relied upon the expertise of the barista to craft a drink that suited their palate. Theorem is a perfect example of what our service industry would do if they could finish the statement “wouldn’t it be cool if we could...”

At Theorem we do what our baristas dream up, and we push the industry by showing them that the customers care as much as we do about coffee innovation and will support us when we cross boundaries like this.