The Lab

We are defined by our love of coffee - the seed we have come to know as the bean.  Everything we do is based on outright adoration for this mysterious character. Whether it is the humble farmer whose work often goes unnoticed, our roaster who refuses to succumb to mediocrity, or our fanatic baristi whose casual banter involve phrases like "extraction rate calculations" and "slurry temperature stability" - no one person or company stands alone in this love of coffee.   

Portola Coffee Lab is our playground.  It is here where we personify obsession, defiance, creativity, and raw passion.  It is the junction of art and science - our canvas - a place where violent processes end in harmonic culinary bliss.  Our raw ingredients are painstakingly sourced and that is when our craft, whether at the roaster or behind the bar, begins.  

Our shop looks different.  It is different.  It is bright green, not earth-toned.  It is vibrant, not sleepy.  It is a place of learning, not secrecy.  Our staff is warm and helpful, not pretentious. We involve our customers every step of the way and the openness and visibility in our shop was designed for just that.  From the unique selection of coffee books, to the complimentary brew method and cupping classes, we know that knowledge is an important part of the experience.  

Inside the shop you will notice a collection of specialty brewing equipment expertly controlled by some of the best baristi - period! We are home to a Slayer espresso machine, Trifecta single-cup brewers, a halogen heated siphon bar, and a V-60 pour-over bar - to name just a few.  What this all means is your coffee will be brewed fresh when you order it, not a minute sooner, by a barista whose adornment of coffee is second to none, which we believe are the ingredients to a lasting impression.