Ethiopia Sulladjah

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Ethiopia Sulladjah

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12 oz.

Washed - Abana Coffee Estate “Sulladjah"

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gera, Limu
Varietal: Heirloom (more specifically Metu Bishari Selections, Gera Selections, and Merdacheriko)
Farm: Abana Coffee Estate
Process: Washed and dried in raised beds
Altitude: 6,341 - 7,217 feet (1,933m-2,200m)
Grade: 1
Harvest: Oct 2017-Jan 2018

Abana Translates to “our fathers” (Arabic), we are paying homage to the deep roots, rich heritage and origins of wild arabica coffee that traces to the heart of Ethiopia.

-From Michael Omran, co-founder and COO of Abana Coffee-

At Abana We:

- Demonstrate sustainable business practices by paying fair wages and respecting all partners.

- Implement coffee education and trainings on picking, sorting, and different processing methods to improve quality.

- Focus on the environment by utilizing water efficient machinery and preserving the beautiful forest in which we work.

- Carry out impactful social programs including facilitating medical projects, investing in infrastructure, and more.