If the process of brewing a world-class cup of coffee was an equation, the coffee bean would be to the left of the "=".  This is because the beans define the cup - and the quality of the brewed coffee is directly proportional to the quality of the beans, the roastmaster's raw ingredient. This is why we at Portola Coffee Lab leave the comforts of our homes to travel to the most remote places on earth to find beans that defy mediocrity. 

However, the journey begins long before our "treasure hunt."  Time, coupled with good old fashioned hard work are prerequisites of coffee we seek.  Quality does not just happen, but is rather earned. There is a lot of coffee grown every year on this earth. Only a few lots will pass our quality benchmarks and end up on our menu.  There is a place for ordinary coffee in some establishments - ours is not one of them. 

You will notice things different about our coffee.  At first glance you are offered specific details about what farmer or cooperative grew a particular coffee, where it was grown, at what elevation and what coffee shrub varietal birthed these specific beans.  This is referred to as "traceability" and it's the first sign of something special. We covet the relationships we have formed with farmers and promise them, and you, that we will always pay above Fair Trade prices for our coffee.  Many of our coffees are Direct Trade meaning the middlemen are removed and top dollar makes it into the hands of those who grow our coffee.  Sustainability, both social and environmental, is not a marketing ploy or superficial buzzword, but rather a core value of our company - and it's been that way since day one.  We reward the stewards of our environment by purchasing coffee grown responsibly.  It certainly isn't cheap, but we would have it no other way.

As you take that first sip, your sense of taste will be introduced to the natural flavors in the coffee that we refer to as "origin flavors."  They are a product of the soil, the micro-climate, and the farmer's diligence.  Whether you are a newcomer to craft coffee or an old friend, you will find reward in each bag of beans we package and each cup of coffee we brew-to-order just for you. 

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